capturing moments that become a memory

this is the best way to describe what I love most about photography

spending time with families, friends, individuals, couples, and attending events has given me so much joy. i have been very fortunate as a business owner and have been shown some amazing support from my closest buddies and surrounding community.

with my cup running over with gratitude i was stoked to give back to this deserving community. spending two Saturdays downtown for three hour sessions, I brought my camera and was open for business to all. it was such an amazing experience, people were so appreciate to have a photo with their family. setting up time and setting aside time to do a photoshoot sometimes doesn't happen year after year for families. time passes by quickly and sometimes you notice all your photos are on your phone and never get printed. this project was a taking that step

 i photographed over 70 families, about 140 of Steamboats cutest mountain kiddos, and 10 sweet dogs and delivered over 1000 images to my community. 

here is the link to all the photos if you wanna take a peek