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Bella Vista Estate || Danielle Zimmerer Photography ||

Bella Vista is truly heaven on earth, If you are looking for a place to relax and connect with the finer things this property delivers! I am so grateful that the owners and the employees are more than accommodating and allowed me the chance to have a photo shoot on site, and that same week I attended a wedding industry mixer which was a huge success. 
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+ the incredible valley view all hours of the day is incredible, especially those sunrays and magical sunsets and sunrise
+ submerge in either the vintage gorgeous gratto or pristine outdoor pool
+ the lodging and suites are updated and beautiful and are equipped to entertain or unwind
+ outdoor adventure: decks, fire pit and lawn, the hammock area, the outdoor bbq area (perfect)
+ games,  indoor gameroom and outdoor space for yard games, tennis court
+ this place provides a tranquility to all who visit, which is essential for people with busy lifestyles, taking time to surround yourself with your people and amazing surroundings

Here is a mix of images from my photoshoot with a good friend and the party I attended! 


a e r i el s i l k s // outdoor acrobats

graceful, strong, and talented my girl Ji has been pursing her passion for aerial silks and taking it to the next level. Check out this rig in her backyard, I spent an hour with Ji in awe of her skills, and took some photos for her website, she was recently asked to perform at the Arise Music Festival, where she took her skyward journey and was soaring above large crowds during the Emancipator set. 

Steamboat Movement Festival || Yoga. Music. Mountains. July 23-26, 2015 Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The Steamboat Movement Festival was an amazing weekend. I volunteered to photograph for the cause, because I love to support friends, especially friends with passions and that are looking to achieve or chase dreams. This was the first year of the festival, and I was able to contribute to the festival via my passion, photography, and it was a very fulfilling and inspired weekend.

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography&nbsp;

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography 

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography

I met incredible instructors at the welcome dinner at Harwigs, LaPogee on Thursday evening. The energy of the night was electric, you could tell those who had been in the beginning planning stages of the festival were finally seeing their visions and getting to share that with the community that they had gathered was very special. This event was about gathering a community, of open hearted, spiritual friends and new friends that were looking to connect greater to their yoga practice, mental and physical practice a while interacting in gorgeous surroundings. 


The festival began on Friday and charged on till Sunday morning, I was privileged to attend many amazing classes in genres of sports that I had yet to experience. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this inspired weekend, it was remarkable, and I look forward to next year!

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography

steamboat springs movement festival // danielle zimmerer photography