its always a party in the photo booth

I have gotten to attend quite a few weddings this summer and I have detected a theme. Weather the wedding is on a golf course, at ski resort or in a backyard or secluded out on a ranch I have had the chance to jump into a Photo Booth, and I have loved every single one! Its a don't miss at every wedding. 
Grab your date, lasso your buddies and pull in the bride and groom at some point during the day, it typically gets goofy in there. And the best part is instant proof of what went down in the booth. 

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this sweet lil' family shows us how its done!

this sweet lil' family shows us how its done!

The last wedding I worked out I met Lauren, the owner of Steamboat Photo Lounge, 
our Photo Lounges are beautiful and modern white structures with gorgeous curves that add a layer of elegance to your event.

I love the chic design and space you have in this new photo booth! If you are planning a wedding or just got invite for one, make sure you stake out the photo booth, it won't disappoint!